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Iowa Oracle User's Group, Des Moines, IA USA

A core group of Oracle enthusiasts that come together to share and learn.

Mailing List

If you wish to be added to the IAOUG mailing list to learn about future meetings, please drop a note to: rouw \at\

Who is Invited to IAOUG Meetings & Information About Dues

We invite any and all to attend our meeting. We do not charge dues or allow soliciting. Please come and be as involved or uninvolved as you feel comfortable. Please feel free to share this web page with anyone that would be interested in attending.

Next Meeting

11-Mar-2015 (Wednesday) at 1pm, OAK Room, building 7 on the DMACC Ankeny, IA Campus (map on below).

We have 2 Oracle 12 presentations. These presentations should be of interest to both developers and DBA's.

  • The first is an updated Oracle 12 New Features. This is the same presentation I'll give at the upcoming Collaborate show.
  • The second one is Oracle Corp doing an Enterprise Manager New Features presentation: "zero to Manageability in One Hour, Build a Solid Foundation for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c".

Oracle 12 New Features

Oracle 12 New Features with Release 2 Updates by Dan Hotka

This presentation is a must-see for anyone supporting applications! The presentation will be broken into 4 parts:

  • Pluggable Database
    • How it works
    • Support
    • Problems
    • Release 2 New Features
  • New SQL Syntax
    • New Analytical SQL Features
    • New SQL Features
    • New Options for Sequences
    • Enhanced Join Syntax
    • Increased column size limits
  • New PL/SQL Syntax
    • PL/SQL and SQL
    • Enhanced DBMS_UTILITY
    • Enhanced DBMS_SQL
    • Enhanced Native SQL
  • New Oracle Optimizers Features
    • Adaptive Query Optimizer
    • Adaptive SQL Plan Management
    • SQL Plan Directives
    • New Index Options
    • Enhancements to Stats collection
  • Depreciated Features

Summary: Dan will cover quite a number of new features of the Oracle 12 database, including Oracle New Features that should be of value to developers and DBA’s.

Enterprise Manager New Features presentation

Learn how to properly architect and deploy your Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c implementation, including designing for high availability and scalability. This session focuses on the essential tasks an implementation team must do to ensure Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c rollouts occur in a timely fashion and deliver a solid foundation for exploiting the marquee features of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. Topics such as users, roles, groups, templates, and incidents are discussed, plus key architectural decisions. The Strategic Customer Programs team in Oracle Enterprise Manager Development works with customers worldwide to guide them to success with their implementations and has compiled some essential techniques and tips for getting from zero to manageability in the shortest time possible.

Courtney started her career as an Oracle DBA and ended up managing one of the largest Oracle Enterprise Manager environments used for critical monitoring and management of more than 3,000 databases. She is now sharing her experience and knowledge with customers as part of the Strategic Customer Programs team for Oracle Enterprise Manager. As part of the Strategic Customer Programs team, she work with customers on implementations to help them follow best practices and take advantage of all that EM has to offer. Using her work with customers and operations experience, she also contributes to the documented best practices, whitepapers, blogs, IOUG webcasts, and OpenWorld presentations for EM.

IAOUG Meetings in General

  • We try to have two - three meetings per year on topics of interest to Oracle Database Developers & DBAs.
  • All IAOUG meetings are free. There are no dues.

See IAOUG Meeting Location for address, driving directions, a map to DMACC, a map of DMACC campus.

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